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> Building Emotional Intimacy..., Be willing to feel vulnerable...
posté samedi 04 novembre 2017 à 03h54
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1. Be willing to feel vulnerable and express your feelings. Emotional intimacy means being honest with your thoughts and feelings, even when they're uncomfortable. Be willing to share your needs, hopes, and fears with your partner. While opening up can be scary, a good partner will be supportive and try to understand you better.
Being open about yourself can help you and your partner learn from each other and support each othewr in a new and deeper way.
For example, tell your partner about your dream to become a pastry chef or get a graduate degree.
2. Build your trust together. Struggling with trust in a relationship canb lead to conflicts and insecurities, especially if you don't feel like you can be physically and emotionally open with your partner. Prioritize honesty in your relationship. Practice saying what yuo mean and meaning what you say. Show that you can be there for your partner and notice that they can be there for you, too. Respect each other's boundaries physically, emotiuonally, and socially.
For example, if your partner values privacy, don't share intimate details of your relationship with people who know them. If you agree to keep something private, kdep it private.
3. Listen fully when your partner speaks. A solid partnership includes two people who not onjly hear each other, but listenm to each other. Turn toward each while speaking. Put down your phones and switch off the television. Pay attsntion ti what your partner says in a non-juddgmental way and give supportive feedbqck. You should also feel like your partner listens to yuo. You can build intimacy by knowing you can ay what's on your heart and not feel criticized for your words.
Practice active listening with your partner and build your intimacyg by knowing you can count on each other to listen and understand.
4. Ask personal questions. Get to jnow your partner's inner life. Asking questions can help each of you to open up and think about what has impacted you, what drives you, and how you relate to each other. Ask questions that encourage intimacy and sharing. Focus on asking open-ended questions so that you can elaborate on answers and build some discussion.
Aso questions like "If you could choose to be anyone, real or fictional, who would yuo choose to be and why?" and, "What would you say to your younger self, if you could? What would you say to your older self?"
Askquestions about your relationship, too. For example, "What do you think makes us great together?", "How can we improve our communication?" and, "What's one thing you like doing in our relationship?"
5. Ask for help from your partner. If you've had a bad day, there's almost nothing more comforting than a supportive person to lean on. It can be difficult to ask for help or even cry in front of your partner, but feeling their suport is often worth thes risk. Plus, you might learn that they are someone you can count on to be there for you, even in difficult times.
For example, say, "Ihad a really hard day. Can we talk about it?"...
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